200 Words from a Foodie: Reading and Apples

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are a few ways to read; you can read to finish, read to learn or read to know. But nothing beats reading to eat. These days books are only an excuse to eat apples.
When I was little my parents took all of us to Julian, a small town in the mountains behind San Diego that has great apple orchards. Julian was in the news 2 years ago because of terrible fires, but the town has sprung back and many farmers have once again opened their orchards for apple picking.

Jonathon apples are the best apples in Julian. Once in a while you can find them at outdoor markets and I recently saw them at the Whole Foods Market in Brentwood. Jonathon’s are tart, crunchy and have an incredible smell. It is like taking a bite out of a crisp fall day. Go visit Julian. It is just a 2 hour drive south of Los Angeles. The people are friendly and you can pick masses of apples, have some pressed for cider while you wait, and take the rest home for snacks and pies. Good way to spend a fall weekend.

-Bill Webb