2005 Un-Gift Guide: Time Capsule CD

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Gift: Time Capsule CD
Price: Priceless

This is something we’ve been doing since 1998, but only this year have we gotten around to giving it away.

Here’s the idea. You make a time capsule, listing all your favorite & most influential things from the past year: music, movies, books, shows, events, pictures – top picks only, and put them all on a CD that you then give away. The idea is that you are a filter for the greatest things that have come to you in the past year and you want to not only remember them, but pass them on (you can see our partial TC from 2003 below the jump – go easy :-)).

The genius of the CD is that it allows you to put so much media in such a small package. And that package can be made all the nicer when you print out your own jewel-case cover using your computer.

2003 Time Capsule


Lost in Translation – Sofia Coppola
Rivers & Tides – Andy Goldsworthy
Love Actually – British Film
Winged Migration – French Film
Respiro – Vincenzo’s Film
Monsoon Wedding – Indian Film
Talk to Her – Almodovar
Step Into Liquid
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Peter Jackson

Her Books:

Lucky Girls – Nell Freundenberg
Evening – Susan Minot
Still Life with Insects – …..
Babbo Cookbook – Mario Batali
Zuni Café Cookbook – Judy Rogers
Girl Cook – Hannah McGootch
Food & Healing – Annemarie Coleman
The Alchemist – Paolo Cohelo

His Books

Harry Potter: The Order of the Pheonix – JK Rowling
Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist – Roger Lowenstein
Sting: Broken Music – Sting
Loving and Leaving the Good Life – Helen Nearing
Jarhead – ….
Pretty Good Joke Book – Garrison Keillor
The Alchemist (again) – Paolo Cohelo


Sacred Love – Sting
Edgy Romance – John Britton
Dido – Dido
Waiting For My Rocket to Come – Jason Mraz
Boys of the Lough – Live at Garrison Keillor
Barrio Latino – compilation
Edie Carey – newest one