2008 Breakthrough Awards

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just stumbled on Popular Mechanics’ 2008 Breakthrough Awards — and, as you might expect, a number of the innovators and products they’re recognizing have a seriously green tint. (Our favorite toilet designer, Caroma, even got a nod!)

From climate-friendly renewable fuel to an aerodynamic, ultra-high-mileage car (priced at $30,000) … the roads were definitely covered.

But, we were most interested in Stirling Energy Systems Suncatcher: Did you know that Stirling Energy Systems is bring two installations to Southern California that will generate enough power to run more than a million homes — “The new facilities will more than double the amount of commercial solar electric power generated in the United States.”And it’s not even photovoltaic panels we’re talking about — we’re talking about giant mirrored dishes … What? Read more here!

And read about all the innovators and inventions at Popular Mechanics 2008 Breakthrough Awards.