2011: Year of the Throwback?

2011: Year of the Throwback?

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 6, 2011

I'll be honest. I'm a sucker for a little retro throwback. Okay, who am I kidding - even a wheel-barrel full of retro hit me, I'd be fine. So with new offerings like Onkyo's sexy HiFi power amps, vintage iPhone apps, and retro gamer doo-dads, I imagine 2011 will start feeling much like a hot tub time machine... in the best kind of way, that is.

Imagine turning on your home theater and having these babies light up and having that power meter bounce around as you turn on each of your components...

Our guess is that the throwback trend will hit in a multi-pronged fashion, with the following categories that will likely feel the full force of retro-ism:

  • Receivers: Away with the glossy and matte blacks. We're going to see customized wood paneling come back with a vengeance.
  • Tech Accessories: Thought steampunk and DIY was an underground thing. We'll start seeing remix upon remix with vintage inspired materials hitting the new.
  • Cameras: Many of the MFT (micro 4/3rd) cameras already are taking influences of the 35mm era and camera collectors are lovin' it. Especially with adapters that allow photographers to use older lenses with their new cameras, this opens up photography again unlike anything we've seen before.
  • Music: Vinyl made somewhat of a comeback these past few years, but what new kinds of remediation of the past shall we see in the next revolution of digital music? Some kind of hybrid between tangible and digital? Perhaps!
  • Landlines Mobiles: We're going to call this one a wild card, but maybe being separated from our mobiles may start to be considered a luxurious lifestyle for some. There are already "dead zones" in the wilderness that people are flocking to away from technology, so perhaps setting our Crackberries into a defined location within the house may be the next big thing?

What other tech do you guys think will become the next retro-ized commodity?

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