2012's Biggest Design Trends In Kids' Rooms

2012's Biggest Design Trends In Kids' Rooms

Carrie McBride
Dec 11, 2012

Hundreds of readers share their children's rooms with us throughout the year and inevitably some trends emerge. Sometimes they're short lived and other times they become decor staples. I've looked back through our archives from 2012 and identified five major trends that I saw again and again. Take a look and see if you think these are are the wane or on the rise. Maybe you've used one or two in your own kids' spaces.

Neutral Striped Walls

Striped walls in kids' rooms are nothing new, but this year there was a decided proclivity to make them neutral in hues of grey, tan and taupe mixed with white and off-white. The look is a smart happy medium: the visual interest of stripes, but toned down so it doesn't knock you over.

Shown above: 1. Aiden's "Modern Preppy" Nursery 2. Xavier Dean's Striped and Serene Nursery 3. Freya's Sweet & Serene Space 4. Evie's Soft Stripes 5. Emily's Family Affair


2012 was the year of the pouf (music to their manufacturers' ears). We've been spotting them in homes for the past year or two and they were popping up constantly in nurseries and kids' rooms this year. They make sense for little ones' spaces since they are often first used as ottomans while nursing and then they become a soft-ish place for young walkers to hang onto.

Shown above: 1. Jack's Merry Menagerie 2. J is for Jock's Colorful Room 3. Sadie's Grey, Chartreuse & Pink Charmer 4. Collin's Fresh White Room 5. Ruby's Gem of a Room

Black & White Rugs

I wrote about this trend earlier in the year and it's still going strong. It's a carryover from the "adult" design world that brings a modern pop to any style of kid's room.

Shown above: 1. Mila's Fun, Music Inspired Nursery 2. Copeland's Colorful Nursery 3. My Room: Maya 4. Major's Majorly Chic Dual Purpose Nursery 5. Leif's Modern Victorian

Mini Buntings

Buntings and garlands were on our trend list from 2011 and they haven't gone away. The twist this year was to make them smaller, sometimes only a few inches tall. Their minimized size make them no less festive.

Shown above: 1. Axel's Clean & Cozy Nursery 2. Alexander's DIY'd with Love Nursery 3. Henry & Adela's Playful But Peaceful
Shared Room
4. Alliyah's Pretty in Pink and Purple Room 5. A Happy Room for Baby

Name Displays

We've seen many lovely ways to incorporate a child's name into their room decor in the past, but never so, so frequently as in 2012. Whether displaying their whole name or just an initial, this trend only seems to be heating up.

Shown above: 1. Nolan's Gossamer Skies Room 2. Pearl's Temporarily Girly Room 3. Julian Grey's Bright, Handmade Nursery 4. Victor's Atomic Alien Invasion 5. Sarah & Matt's Expertly Styled Home

Curious to see what last year's trends were? Check out 2011's Biggest Decor Trends to see which ones are still around and which have faded away.

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