It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye: 2016 Trends That Are Maxing Out (But We Still Love Them Anyway)

published Dec 30, 2016
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In terms of decor, 2016 had something for everyone. Artful bohemian? Global textiles and/or tropical prints were your heroes. Classic glam? There was so.much.glam to go around this year. I took stock of 10 of my favorite design trends from the past 12 months that I’m just not ready to see go just yet. Once you peruse my list, please add some of your own in the comments…


I’d like to crown 2016 the year of blush (well, technically Pantone had already done that, but I’m echoing it). The dusty, rosy hue absolutely ruled home decor sites and interior design magazines, replacing gray as the new neutral.

Rose Gold & Copper

Brass wasn’t the only metal in the ring this year. Maybe it was the popularity of Moscow mules in past years (and their iconic metal mugs), but copper and rose gold certainly held their own in 2016, appearing on just about every surface available. I’m not ready to say goodbye, though.

Artistic (Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Tropical Prints

Palm fronds, banana leaves and beyond graced wallpapers, tablecloths and throw pillows, to name a few. Who doesn’t want to live in a Justina Blakeney-style Jungalow? I do, and will continue to do so next year, as well.


Dip- and tie-dyed textiles are certainly winding down in popularity, but Rebecca Atwood shibori pillows are still on my must-have list. She keeps the uber-trendy design fresh by using colors other than indigo (like lilac and taupe dyes.)

Granny Florals

I feel like overscale florals were a late addition to 2016 design trends. I believe they haven’t received their due respect yet, and hope they continue to garner fans (grannies and youngsters alike) long into the new year.

(Image credit: Elegant Classics)

Marble Everything

Though 2016 didn’t see the birth of this omnipresent rock, the luxurious yet minimal veining was on literally everything this year. Marble tray, marble laptop cover, marble stationery…the above photo from Elegant Classics is a quintessential 2016 snapshot. Even though some design experts are claiming the pretty stone will soon be replaced, I’m totally fine if it decides to stick around.

Geometric Cement Tiles

One of my absolute favorite design movements this year was the cement tile trend, particularly in geometric motifs. Whether on a wall, on the floor or as a backsplash, this punchy surface lends instant personality anywhere it’s placed. Please, oh please, let this trend stay strong so more and more companies can keep designing and manufacturing enchanting options.

(Image credit: Photographed by Susie Lowe, Designed by The Pink House)

Matte Black

Though certainly a classic color combo, black and white had a hefty resurgance this year. One half of that duo (black) was particularly popular in matte finishes, which I totally got behind. Perhaps it was in answer to the glitzier, more glam brass that has permeated decor. Cabinetry, silverware and dinnerware, light fixtures, furniture, you name it, it was sold this year in matte black, and I’d be happy to keep perusing homes sporting the honed ebony color into 2017.

High & Low: A Relaxed Yet Punchy Pattern-Filled Bedroom (Image credit: Peter Dunham Textiles)

Global Textiles

Globally inspired throws, pillows, rugs and beyond really hit their stride this year, and I’m not ready to say goodbye. Hopefully, they will hold steady in decor for years to come.

Bold Wallpaper

I do not feel comfortable proclaiming that wallpaper is “played out.” I think it still has a long, glorious life ahead (at least, I sure hope it does, and even if it doesn’t, I don’t really care. I’ll still love it anyway.)