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The Color Clairvoyant: Our Best Bathroom Color Predictions for 2017

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Tudo Orna)

A few weeks ago we wrote about our predictions for the colors that will dominate the kitchen in 2017. The bathroom, though a bit of a humbler space, deserves a little color love too, so that’s where we’re turning our eye next. Here’s what you can expect for the future of color in the bathroom.

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Two things are worth taking note of: one, the idea of bringing color to the bathroom is still relatively novel, since we’re coming off a time when white and neutrals dominated. Two: all these colors tend towards a darker, moodier, more desaturated palette, in keeping with the direction of colors in the rest of the home. Color selections for the bathroom are still a little safer than the ones you’ll see elsewhere — I don’t think we’ll see a wave of mustard yellow bathrooms, although you are more than encouraged to paint yours that if it suits your fancy.

(Image credit: KK Living)

From KK Living, here’s a bathroom painted in an inky black. It’s definitely a bold look, and very striking. If you like the color but are feeling a bit hesitant, try painting an accent wall or starting small with a space like the powder room.

(Image credit: Dwell)

A deep charcoal distinguishes this bathroom seen on Dwell. Bright white fixtures and linens, paired with gold accents, provide a nice counterpoint and keep the space from becoming too dreary.

The greyish wall color in this bathroom by Luigi Rosselli Architects is really more of a muted blue. It gives the bathroom a stylish air without being too dark, and coordinates beautifully with the cement wall tile for a storied, old-world look.

(Image credit: Marianne Evennou)

This bathroom from Marianne Evennou has a delicious, moody feel thanks to dark colors and well-chosen accents, but the designer has wisely chosen to take the black paint only halfway up the wall, pairing it above waist height with a silvery grey.

(Image credit: West Country Shutters)

Also big for the bathroom (and pretty much anywhere else) is hunter green. It looks especially nice with copper accents, as seen in this space from West Country Shutters.

(Image credit: Godrich Interiors)

Navy blue is another rich, moody color that’s perfect for the bathroom. In this space from Godrich Interiors via Decorpad, the dark walls are balanced out nicely by the white fixtures and light wood floor. Against the dark wall, the gold mirrors almost seem to glow.

(Image credit: Tudo Orna)

Dusty pink is a color that’s been cropping up in a lot of places lately, and it’s especially nice in the bathroom. It’s a nice way to impart some of that moody color without going too dark. Image from Tudo Orna, via Glamour.

(Image credit: M Johnson)

This bathroom from M Johnson pairs dusty pink with black for a surprisingly sophisticated combination.

(Image credit: Studio Muir)

In this space from Studio Muir, a deep, dark navy sets off a marble sink and gold mirror.

(Image credit: Miss Moss)

Dark colors and white tile are especially nice together, as seen in this bathroom from Miss Moss.

(Image credit: Dwell)

If you want to get the look but are afraid of going too dark, try just a little bit of black to start with — like in this bathroom from Dwell, where the walls are bright white tile but the ceiling is painted a rich black.