The 2017 Decor Trends We’re Betting Will Stick Around for 2018

published Jan 3, 2018
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(Image credit: Melanie Rieders)

There were a lot of interesting things going on, design-wise, in 2017, and we did our best to keep you apprised of them all. Looking back over the trends we reported on in the past year, there are a few that feel like a flash in the pan, but others that we’d be happy to see stick around for another year (or more). Here are our best bets for design trends from 2017 that will continue into 2018, and beyond.

(Image credit: Dimore Studio)

More Color

Sick of all-white interiors? So is everyone else. More color, and bolder color, is on the horizon. I’ve been seeing a lot of more somber, desaturated hues, but Pantone’s 2018 pick of Ultra Violet, an almost jarring purple, presages even wilder color choices.

(Image credit: Claude Carter)

Caned Furniture

Caned elements, whether in new or antique furniture, were everywhere in 2017. This is a design detail that feels simultaneously classic and fresh, new and light but also reminiscent of an older time. Rattan is very big, too.

(Image credit: Milk Decoration)

’70s Renaissance

The playful, colorful shapes of the ’80s have been making a bit of a splash in cutting-edge interior design lately, which means that the ’70s have been a little overlooked. It hasn’t yet gotten a lot of press, but earthy colors, wood tones, copious plants, and even olive green have been seeping back into the design consciousness, which points to the ’70s being the next decade to make a design resurgence.

(Image credit: This Old House)

Wood is Back

All those readers who were horrified at DIYers painting over perfectly good wood pieces have reason to rejoice. Wood tones, in furniture pieces and even your kitchen cabinets, made a big comeback in 2017, and I don’t see signs of that slowing down.

(Image credit: Divisare)


In 2017, terrazzo—whether actual terrazzo or prints designed to look like it — was suddenly everywhere. All at once a flooring material that had once been associated with municipal buildings from the ’70s seemed young, hip and fun.

(Image credit: Massimo Adario)

Italian Modernism

Pairing playful shapes with luxe materials and somber, sophisticated colors, Italian modernism, which made a good showing in 2017, is my pick for the new ‘it’ look of 2018.

(Image credit: AD España)


Pantone called it for this weird, chartreuse-y green, but turns out millennial pink was the true color of 2017. The attention of the design world never remains focused on one thing for long, though, and by the end of last year, millennial pink had a successor: Gen Z yellow. Expect to see even more of this sunny shade in 2018.