4 Home Upgrades You’ll See Everywhere in 2024, According to Influencers

published Jan 17, 2024
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green, yellow, and red butterfly wallpaper, arched cut out to kitchen, bench floating on wall, pink vintage upholstered chair

Each year brings the entrance of new design trends. For example, the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic boomed for 2022 DIY lovers, and the interiors of 2023 saw the reemergence of checkerboard tiles. While some trends are here to stay and others are softly on their way out, 2024 is a chance to include new ideas into spaces you love. 

Whether you’re craving a simple weekend project or a serious upgrade, incorporate these 2024 DIY trends in both big and small ways. Swap out a rug and purchase a few trendy throw pillows, or get inspired to overhaul an entire room. No matter your skill level, our four DIY experts have you covered as they weigh in on what’s trending in home upgrades for 2024. 

Bold Colors and Patterns

Has neutral design filled with brown, white, and gray everywhere made you feel less than inspired? Well, you’ll love the trend suggested by Sara McDaniel, a designer and the owner of Simply Southern Cottage. She’s seen a significant uptick in clients wanting to infuse bright hues and bold designs in their homes, which is very welcomed for those who’ve been bucking the everything-neutral trend.

“In 2024 one of the biggest DIY upgrades I predict is the introduction of color and pattern play,” says McDaniel. “Bold, bright wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way, and we are seeing less grays and neutrals than we have in the last few years.” Not only are colors and patterns in vogue, but mixing them is also a resurging trend in her eyes. 

“Bold wallpaper combined with a patterned rug and textiles create interest, intrigue, and joy in a space,” adds McDaniel. Consumers are eager to live in spaces designed to uplift and inspire while adding a sense of playfulness and happiness into their homes. So, if you’ve been set against having a palette filled with greige, it’s finally your time to shine.

Detailed Trim

If you’ve been holding off on using DIY tools like a miter saw and nail gun, this next 2024 home upgrade from Carrie Waller will have you dusting them off. “Now that everyone is so comfortable manipulating thin wood trim to create picture frame molding, I suspect that we’re going to see DIYers branching out into other types of trim projects,” she predicts. 

As the design guru behind Dream Green DIY, Waller has included several creative wood projects throughout her home. In her opinion, vertical wall details, reeding around kitchen islands, and other detail-centric projects are on the horizon. Not only do these DIY tasks add interest to otherwise bland spaces, but they also have a big payoff in making your home feel more luxe.

“We’ve all had this lightbulb moment where we found out how easy it is to add sophisticated, expensive-looking elegance to a room using nothing but trim and a little paint,” advises Waller. “So I think 2024 is going to be the year we step out of the (picture frame molding) box and get way more creative with trim shapes and styles.”

Credit: Kim Emery

Bedroom DIYs

When doing DIY projects, many concentrate on areas that guests see, such as kitchens and living rooms, but as the chief resident in your home, most of your time is probably spent in the bedroom. And 2024 brings the perfect opportunity to invest in this space. Of course, you can refresh using new linens, but DIY blogger Kim Emery suggests including more functionality in sleeping areas.

Reinforcing Waller’s trim trend, Emery and her husband featured their board-and-batten project on their design blog, Clipper City House, but they’re upping the ante this year. “One 2024 DIY trend that I’m expecting to see more of is a DIY Murphy bed,” suggests Emery. If you aren’t familiar, this bed style has a hinge and folds vertically on a wall.

“We are planning to add a king-size Murphy bed with custom built-ins in our newly completed basement project,” adds Emery. Not only are foldaway beds a space-saver, but they’re also an interesting way to customize your space. Whether you choose a Murphy as the main bed in a studio apartment or add it to a guest room, it’s an ingenious way to personalize a sleeping space.

Black Paint

If you aren’t ready to give up the neutral palette of years past, consider adding deeper tones, such as black, to your spaces. Although a few designers have been brave enough to paint walls, ceilings, and cabinets black, the trend is becoming more mainstream as folks realize how lovely deeper tones can be. 

As the face behind Inspiring Savings, a blog focused on simple living, Jen Schreiner keeps tabs on what’s trending in searches. According to her, black is making headway in the design world for 2024. “We first began seeing this trend pop up in the last two years, but more and more DIYers are surfing the web for black paint ideas,” she reveals. 

Inspired by the idea, Schreiner brainstormed about how to utilize the hue in her home. “I recently painted my kids’ bathroom vanity black, as well as my front door,” she says. Painting a wall black is a beautiful way to set off colorful artwork, or if you’re ready for a change in the kitchen, paint your cabinets in this striking tone.