This 205-Square-Foot Tiny Home Is on the Market for $195,000

published Jun 27, 2023
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With interest rates skyrocketing and the price of living rising steeply, the idea of living debt-free in a small space has become more and more appealing to wannabe homeowners. Tiny homes come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points, but one tiny house in Minnesota is raising eyebrows because the current owners are trying to sell it for a pretty massive price.

The shed-sized home in Duluth, Minnesota sits on a cramped lot between two homes and boasts a whopping 205 square feet. That could be fine for some, but the $195,000 price tag (which makes the price per square foot $951) is making the internet collectively scratch its head.

As the creator behind the @Zillowtastrophes Instagram account notes, the average price per square foot in the United States is closer to $200. $1,000 per square foot is closer to the median in an expensive city like San Francisco. Considering surrounding homes in the neighborhood (of average size) have sold for less, why the price tag?

The listing notes that this property is a new build that includes a handful of custom and eco-conscious features like a kitchen that is larger than most tiny home kitchens, energy-efficient appliances, and a well-thought-out railroad-style layout. And the description also says that the home is completely turn-key and could become a great rental property.

“Looks like a good playhouse for the kids if you build an actual house on the lot somewhere in front or behind it,” one person commented on the Zillowtastrophes post. Another person added, “They could have put down a mobile home, for about half the price, and had twice the space!”

It turns out that not all tiny homes come with tiny price tags.