#21 - Catherine's Vintage Color Combo

#21 - Catherine's Vintage Color Combo

Heather Blaha
Oct 17, 2006

Name: Catherine
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Type: Studio apartment, rented

Why I use color: As an undergraduate student, on a very limited budget, color is an integral part of defining and emphasizing my space. The use of color can create a visual illusion of height and width, especially when working with a studio apartment. Using repetitive elements and colors in thrift store finds and inexpensive, often painted, accessories unifies the entire room without sacrificing style.

2 good color tips:

1. Think outside normal color theory. Colors with warmer hues (red, orange, yellow) create an illusion of large size and advancement while cool colors (blue, green, violet) create an illusion of small size and receding walls. If you love warm hues in your small space, use them, simply dull the intensity and increase light value for a polished, not overwhelming, feeling.

2. Colors and textures can transform ordinary furniture and accessories into something individual and spectacular. Lines and shapes of pieces are most important, paint and upholstery can always be changed.

2 good color resources:

1. Favorite pieces of art can provide great color resources. Study the lines, patterns, and colors you find ascetically appealing to discover a palette.

2. Vintage fabric and furniture. Browse thrift store and flea markets for unexpected color combinations.

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