21st Century Barn-Raising: Did You Have Help Setting Up Home?

21st Century Barn-Raising: Did You Have Help Setting Up Home?

Tess Wilson
Jun 17, 2014

In recent weeks, my family has been going above and beyond their usual wonderfulness, helping us get our new house move-in ready. I would never have asked them to sand and scrub and haul, but it seems to make them happy — and who am I to refuse?!

It's truly humbling to have people pitch in on something that's important to you, and genuine offers of assistance are precious indeed. My family is busy, and have plenty of projects of their own, but it's important to them to contribute to this new stage of our lives. They've put in long days washing, painting, priming, hauling junk, power-sanding doors, hand-sanding trim and then painstakingly painting it (my mom's specialty), and doing demo (my dad's favorite). They've more-than-eagerly volunteered for more workdays, which is just so touching — and actually, you know, really, really helpful.

Today I want to hear all about your home improvement DIY experiences: did you fervently wish someone had offered to help, or did you have more help than you needed? Did you have eager-but-unskilled helpers whose work you had to re-do? Any tales of spilled varnish/broken windows/wrong-paint-in-the-wrong-room disasters? How did you handle the delegation aspect, and how comfortable were you with giving orders/instructions? What would you do differently next time? How did you express your thanks to your amazing helpers? Was it fun? Do tell!

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