#22- MsMolly's Colors Evoke Emotions

#22- MsMolly's Colors Evoke Emotions

Janel Laban
Oct 18, 2007

Name: MsMolly
Location: Champaign, IL
Type: Rented 2 bedroom

Why I use color:"Color can evoke so many emotions in people. It can energize them, it can put them at ease, it can comfort them, it can unsettle them. When I use color I try to think about the feelings I want to have when I'm in the room. This usually translates to cool colors for the bedroom so that it will feel like a serene oasis at the end of the day, and warm colors for public rooms, to help pump up the energy when a group of friends are gathered."

"Color is especially important to me right now because I can't paint my apartment. So I take even more care than usual in choosing my furnishings."

2 Good color tips:

"Think about the kind of energy you want to have. Is it calm and soothing or electric and vibrant? Choose color accordingly."

"Sometimes the greatest impact can come from just one well-chosen splash of color. You can completely change the way a neutral room looks by adding a standout chair or painting a single wall."

Favorite type and brand of paint:"Honestly? I'm still at the stage where I have to take whatever is cheapest, usually from the mis-mixed section. This can require several trips to the store before you hit on a color that really speaks to you. A great place to look is at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, because they tend to get donations from people who have a spare gallon or two of paint -- just the right amount to do one wall or a small room. As far as finishes go, I really like eggshell."

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