# 22 - Believe in Art's Orange Temple

# 22 - Believe in Art's Orange Temple

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 13, 2006

Name: Believe in Art
Location: Honesdale, PA
Type: Ranch, 3 bedroom home. Newly renovated. Owned

Why I use color:

Color has a great impact on our thinking and on our moods. With so many colors to choose from, why not stimulate your senses and help to create your day. Why do I use color? This is my house. This is my temple. This is my world, where I spend so much of my time. I believe your home is absolutely a reflection of who you are. You have choices and why not exercise those choices. Color can help you feel joy, feel supported, feel safe, and feel ownership. Home should express your identity like no other place!

I use color to express myself, to spread joy, to make my world reflect the energy around me. It is always a good day when you wake up to positive surroundings. My world makes me happy. I love the textures in the walls and I love the depth and the richness of the colors. I even painted my ceilings a wisteria so I can look up and see the sky. My surroundings help to influence my day and make me a joyful, positive person.

2 Good color tips:

1. When I am choosing colors to paint...I always head to the palette at the paint store and pick up all the colors that catch my eye. I take them home and spread them all out and go through them once more. I find color groupings that I like. I like to select three colors for my groups. Once I have some sets picked, I set them out and live with them for a few days. I feel colors can pick you. As you walk by, you will know what ones you are drawn to more than the others. Narrow them down until you have the ones you like.

2. Don't think about where they are going. Just pick out those colors that speak to you. You will be surprised at what colors you chose if you don't think of where they will go, but just react to them. We have such preconceived ideas of what everything "should" look like. Just go with your gut. Everything is going to be just fine!

2 good color resources:

1 & 2. My color resources are either Home Depot or Lowes and I also have a set of PMS colors...if you really want your choices in colors!

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