#24- Frainer's Antidote to Gray Winters & White Walls

#24- Frainer's Antidote to Gray Winters & White Walls

Janel Laban
Oct 18, 2006

Name: Frainer
Location: Aurora, IL
Type: 2 bedroom suburban condo, owned

Why I use color: Living in the Midwest, with our long gray winters, practically forces you to use color. When I bought my first home, I knew I would go crazy with color. I grew up in a house with white walls and this was just not acceptable.
In my new home, I had 2 floors and 8 rooms to work with, and even a South-facing wall of windows to keep all the green plants happy. I used the hot colors on the first floor (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors upstairs (green, lavender, zest blue).
The combination of these colors, with the white contrasts and green plants, was the perfect living space I had been yearning for all those years within white walls.

The color determines a mood and has an undeniable influence on how one chooses to feel at any given moment. For instance, I walk out the door every morning to go to work through my orange and yellow kitchen. I take a sense of tranquility with me that will hopefully last until I have my coffee.
It is amazing how much my friends and family love to hang out in the red living room. The red walls have seen countless long dinner parties, movie nights, and escapades. Why doesnt everyone have a red living room?

2 good color tips:

1. Use warmer colors in the kitchen and common living area and cooler colors in the bedrooms and bathrooms

2. Bring in the Green! Big Green Plants will add so much to ALL your rooms, no matter what other colors you may be using.

2 good color resources:

1. Find some nice design books that you may like:
Here are some that I like:
On Display: Displaying Your Treasures With Style by Catherine Gratwicke and Lesley Dilcock And Bohemian Style by Elizabeth Wilhid

2. Go ONLINE! There are some great books out there, but if you cant find what you need, go online and search, search, search!

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