#24 - Jonathan and Heather’s Brooklyn loft

#24 - Jonathan and Heather’s Brooklyn loft

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 16, 2006

Name: Jonathan and Heather
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Type: 2 bedroom 2 bath converted factory loft condo. We own it.

Why I use color:

The main reason we use color is to define the space. We have an open floor plan for the kitchen, living, and dining area. When you face the living area (orange), you can't see the dining/kitchen area (brown). It allows us to have two completely different vibes in the one large space...

Brown is smooth and calming and works well with the dining and kitchen area. It allows for a little romance and sophistication if you want it. The orange on the other hand is fun and brings light and playfulness into the room. We used an off white/cream color with a little depth to bridge the two colors. (We also have an aqua blue entry way (not shown) that acts as our art gallery and surprisingly works well with the colors while separating the space.)

A great feature of the apartment is the light thru the windows that constantly changes the colors of the walls throughout the day. The brown and orange colors have so many different dimensions when the light hits them. The autumnal sun really enhances these colors throughout the fall because of the way it moves across the apartment from September to November.

2 Good color tips:

1. Use color to create moods and emotions, rather than base it on the color of your furniture. Think about how you want to feel in the room, and make it something you look forward to come home to.

2. Take your time with the details. If you're a perfectionist like me, spend a whole day cutting in if you need to. In the long run, when you sit in the room and can enjoy those details without focusing on the spot you screwed up, it makes it much more relaxing

2 good color resources:

1. I like to use nature and surroundings as my first resource. A drive thru the country or a walk down a city street is equally inspirational to me. If something catches your eye and makes you happy, chances are the colors will evoke that same emotion on your wall.

2. Great design is another resource. Weather its cool packaging, or a classic sofa, or a concept car, there are basic emotional reasons why we are drawn to certain objects. Just like with nature, if an object strikes you in a particular way, you can duplicate that feeling by using the colors on your walls. These may not be traditional or classic ways to pick color, but that's just how I roll.

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