#23 - Sima and Jon's Emotive Energy

#23 - Sima and Jon's Emotive Energy

Oct 19, 2006

Name: Sima and Jon
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Type: 2-bedroom low-rise condominium. Owned.

Why I use color:

We use color because to us, color is life. Colors are empowering; they ignite our emotions, and our feelings. They connect us to our physical world while also drawing us inward to ourselves. We bring color to our rooms to bring the best emotions in life to our home. We use red to be bold and sexy, orange to be sharp, yet playful and green to remain grounded, feel comforted, at home, and at peace. . .

. . . The first picture is a snippet of our orange-infused living room. When we first bought our place, the living room had been painted a dark forest green which made it seem small, dark, and depressing. We wanted our space to feel open, airy, and welcoming. Our bright white walls now serve as the blank slate for the wide array of life's moments that will continue to find their way onto them, from our artwork and our fingerprints, to our photography and furniture. We also needed something to stand up to the punches of color we planned to inject everywhere else, from vases and pillows to plants and school books.

The second picture is one side of our large den, where both of us do hours of studying. As graduate students, we needed a work space that wasn't visually distracting, but we also didn't want it to end up looking like those dark, executive dungeons that home offices often morph into. With comfy chairs, bright artwork, and clean white desks, we feel we've achieved the kind of space conducive to both creative energy and scholarly diligence.

2 good color tips:

1. Bright, bold colors are not inherently or qualitatively better than light, subdued, or blunter tones, nor the other way around. We object that one must choose between the two. Indeed, the best use of color is both in its presence and absence, in how it is used and not used, in both its subdued and vibrant forms. It is this careful, delicate, selective, and thoughtful use of color that we find particularly attractive. It is the dance of clean whites, calm light purples and refreshing slight blues, with punches of bolder, edgier color that make a space beautiful to us.

2. Always keep in mind the quality of the color and the experience it brings to your room and to your lives, not just its quantity in your space. There is no quota; there is only feeling. As much as you aim to achieve a particular "style", be sure it fits with who you are.

2 good color resources:

1. Artwork.

2. Imagination, Emotion, Feelings.

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