25 Super Helpful Hot Tips For Your Home

25 Super Helpful Hot Tips For Your Home

Cambria Bold
Jul 13, 2011

Sometimes the simplest piece of advice is the most effective, that one tip that makes you go "Why didn't I think of that?" But you know what's even better than a hot tip? 25 hot tips! Here are a few of the best practical home care tips we've discovered, including how to get greasy stains out of your clothes, how to shine stainless steel, and how to keep cats off your furniture!


1 Hot Tip: Remove Tarnish With Salt, Flour, and Vinegar!
2 50 Home Care Hot Tips to Try in 2011
3 Hot Tip: Keep Picnic Foods Safe with Unshelled Peanuts
4 Forget Scrubbing: Iron Out Stains Set in Carpet
5 Hot Tip: Use an Upholstery Cheat Sheet When Shopping


6 Hot Tip: Simply Smokin' Weed Killer
7 Hot Tip: Eliminate Outdoor Odors with Oats
8 Hot Tip: Use Chalk to Rid Your Clothes of Greasy Stains
9 Hot Tip: How to Keep Your Paint Brushes and Rollers Fresh
10 Hot Tip: Remove Rust with a Potato


11 Cut Out the Middle Man: Ironing Wet Clothes
12 Hot Tip: Shine Stainless Steel with Flour
13 Hot Tip: Silence Squeaky Floor Boards with Talcum Powder
14 Holiday Tip: Make a Stain Removal Kit To Help Guests with Mishaps
15 Helpful Tip: Make a Cleaning Schedule


16 Hot Tip: Wrinkles? Forget the Iron. Use a Spray Bottle Instead
17 Hot Tip: Save Your Furniture and Deter Cats with Foil
17 Hot Tip: Organize Cables by Reusing a Cardboard Box
19 Hot Tip: Reverse Your Ceiling Fan and Save Energy
20 Hot Tip: How To Keep Your Nails Clean While Gardening


21 Hot Tip: How To Keep Bugs Out of Your Rain Barrel
22 Hot Tip: Use Coffee Grounds To Cover Furniture Scratches
23 Hot Tip: Save Your Furniture from White Heat Marks
24 Hot Tip: Bring Old Rugs Back To Life with Salt
25 Hot Tip: Use Vinegar To Strip Your Wallpaper

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