16 Cities With Upholstery Classes

updated May 7, 2019
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Earlier this week we were proud to show you the handiwork of Susan over at Freshly Picked and her upholstery transformation. Many of you asked for ideas of where to look in your own home towns and we’re here with answers.

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Although we can’t cover the entire US, we did our best to tackle a few major cities for you! Know of one we missed? Make sure to add it below!

For the most part, we ran across upholstery classes in technical colleges that offer adult education or furthering education classes. Specialty shops also offer their services, just call one near you and even if it’s not something they normally do, it might be something they’re up for with a slow economy!

In addition to the cities below, we also ran across this list that was quite helpful. Although many of the cities aren’t in a major metropolitan area, they are within driving distance for many, so make sure to check it out in case you’re having trouble finding a class near you.

1. New York: The Furniture Joint (4 night/1 month class)
2. Los Angeles: Convina Valley Unified School (pg 17 in PDF)
3. Chicago: The Needle Shop (good for small projects)
4. San Diego: San Diego Center for Education and Technology
5. San Francisco: City College of San Francisco (in fashion dept)
6. Columbus: Fabric Farms Interiors in Hilliard
7. Austin: Austin Community College (no Fall schedule yet)
8. Miami: Robert Morgan Vocational Technical Institute
9. Baltimore: Nifty Needle Designs in Monkton, MD
10. Denver: Emily Griffith Opportunity School (basic and advanced).
11. Boston: The Elliot School, read our review here!
12. Seattle: Check out Pacific Fabrics for classes.
13. Milwaukee: Milwaukee Area Technical College offers many classes!
14. Washington DC: Check out G Street Fabrics.
15. Atlanta: Doxie’s Upholstery through Joann’s
16. Minneapolis: Blue Sky Gallery offers classes from the pros.

Do you know if a class near you? Even if it’s not in a major metro, leave us a link in the comments below!

(Image: flickr member ann-dabney licensed for use by Creative Commons)