#28 - Josh's "Workin' Around the Cat Tree"

#28 - Josh's "Workin' Around the Cat Tree"

Oct 21, 2006

Name: Josh
Location: Seattle
Type: I live in a rented two-bedroom apartment.

Why I use color:

Because white walls and bland furniture are boring! Because color is fun! Because color choices are infinite! Because without color, my apartment would look like everyone else's, and how depressing is that? Everyone has chairs, but not everyone has zingy chartreuse chairs that energize the corners of the room. Everyone has a rug, but not everyone has a rug in deep paprika so rich that it seems to warm the air a few degrees. . .

. . .Color changes the very mood of a room, instantly. And color is where originality and personality come shining through, especially when you're not made of money. I may not be able to afford a designer sofa, but the persimmon-colored pillows and mossy-hued throws I've adorned my cheap couch with makes it my own design, which is even better! I couldn't possibly live in a space without color. Color is life!

2 good color tips:

1. Personally, I like to utilize powerful punches of really strong colors in a few well-placed areas, and let the rest of the room remain neutral and earthy. That way, the room has a strong, vibrant identity without being cartoonish or gaudy. Unless, of course, that's what I'm going for. You should see my bedroom!

2. I change my colors with the seasons. When spring and summer come, I find the rich oranges and rust colors in the living room are too warm, so I swap out the orange curtains for a light yellow-green, and I change the area rug to a neutral beige. It keeps the room from feeling stale, and it's easy on the wallet.

2 good color resources:

1. Farmer's markets. I love looking at the way the brilliant colors of produce are juxtaposed at booths at farmers markets, all vying for attention. Simply gorgeous. Plus, the natural variations in fruits and vegetables (and bread and candles and soap, etc), can be really inspirational in creating a tone-on-tone color scheme.

2. Fashion design. It sounds too easy, but honestly, the colors palette that makes up a favorite designer's fall or spring collection can easily be interpreted as a design scheme for a room. Even a single outfit can be inspiration enough.

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