#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad

#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 26, 2007

Name: Daniel S.
Location: Manhattan, border of Greenwich & Chelsea
Size & Type: 450 sf Studio

Favorite resource: As a DIYer, I'm pretty fearless, but I'd have made a lot more mistakes over the years if it weren't for the help of my local hardware store owner, Artie of Artie's Hardware Mart on 14th Street.

Pitch: To my mind, the more personal the interior design, the more successful it is — and there's nothing more personal than designing and building it yourself. I think my little pad is cool because it's an idiosyncratic, constantly evolving space that's entirely of, by and for me —...

Pitch Cont'd: ...- from the large structural elements such as my 24-ft. room-dividing shelf unit and my loft bedroom, to small decorative elements such as my homemade lighting.

I believe I've managed to strike a balance between the practical and the poetic, creating a cohesive space that despite its modest dimensions is at once livable and aesthetically pleasing.

Your favorite element: My favorite element is always my latest project — these days, that's the coffee table I built from a glass top and shelves discarded by neighbors; hardware, lumber, brown paper, wallpaper paste and polyurethane leftover from previous projects; a store-bought wine rack kit; and a rolling CPU dolly I found on 57th Street. I think it's a great example of my modus operandi: 1) use recycled and/or found objects in unexpected ways; 2) incorporate storage and functionality wherever possible; and 3) tailor each element to both the dimensions and overall concept of the space.

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