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A Sleek L.A. Condo Built with Your Millennial Dreams In Mind

published Aug 20, 2018
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This L.A. apartment is a millennial’s dream come true: It’s perfectly located, doesn’t skimp on the amenities, and provides plenty of room to grow.


  • 2926 Rowena Avenue #6
  • Located in Los Angeles, California (in Silver Lake)
  • $1,098,000
  • 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Things we love about this property crush:

If you were to ask an urban-dwelling twenty-something to describe their dream home, I’d guess it would look something like this: A light and airy space with a) a lot of room and storage options, b) amenities out the wazoo, and c) a central location in a major city. Well, this listing is pretty much all that—plus prime views.

What works about this space is that it’s not too much of anything. It’s bright and airy with lots of windows, but not too many that come 3 p.m., it’s time to close the blinds (it’s got central A/C, after all!) It’s got an in-unit washer and dryer, a chef’s kitchen complete with a generously-sized breakfast bar/island, a two-car garage. It’s even solar-panel ready, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly move. But the thing that’s best about this is it doesn’t sacrifice space or usability—everything is expertly situated. If anything, I’d consider it a perfect mesh of maximalism and minimalism.

The condo is definitely a space to grow into now. It’s perfect as a twenty-something social hub for three roommates (and that aforementioned friend staying while they figure some things out). But in 10 years, you can also kick out your roommates, settle down with a partner, get some pets, and raise a family in it. Or if that’s not your thing, you can also convert the third bedroom into an office space and run your start up. Or you could even do both! This space definitely will be one that will fit your needs—it aims to give, not to make compromises with.

All that being said, for most people the price is the blaring alarm clock to this real estate dream. At a little over a million, you’ll probably need a millennial success story to make your dream a reality.

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