3 Best Cat Beds We Never Bought

3 Best Cat Beds We Never Bought

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 17, 2008

As many people have pointed out this month (which, in case you haven't noticed, is Pet Month), cats are naturally contrary. Buy a cat a bed and chances are he'll never sleep anywhere near it. But, fold a basket of clean laundry, look away for 3 seconds, and you'll find him fast asleep on top of your favorite black sweater.

Where does your cat sleep?

Not buying things you don't need is one of the first, and often most difficult steps towards going green.

So, if you know your cat won't use a cat bed, buying one is a pretty un-green move. Instead, make a bed out of things you already have around the house, and see what happens. As far as we can tell there seem to be three sure-fire strategies that make for a successful cat bed. It should be 1) warm and soft 2) in a window if at all possible and 3) if not in a window, tucked away in a corner somewhere.

Other than our bed, there are three places our cats sleep:
On some old dish towels in the bottom of an open cupboard in the kitchen (pictured above).

On a pillow we wrapped in an old fleece blanket. We put it in a window box off the back of our apartment that never gets used. They love it!

And on an old blanket we keep on the couch just for Charlie.

Where do your cats sleep? Have you ever made them a cat bed? Out of what? And where did you put it?

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