Top 3 Devices That Deserve a SSD Upgrade

Top 3 Devices That Deserve a SSD Upgrade

Anthony Nguyen
Dec 15, 2010

It's become apparent to me that this solid-state drive craze will likely meet cataclysmic levels once they reduce the price by half of what they are right now. In addition to the lower power consumption, cooler temperatures, and no moving parts, it's the performance jumps that showcases their true power. Here's 3 devices could use a turbo-charged SSD upgrade.

If you're not familiar with upgrading hard drives, we've outlined a number of How To's below so you can be on your way on getting some pretty sweet speed increases for your systems below:


1. Sony Playstation 3: Just yesterday, someone threw in a SSD and ran the new Gran Turismo only to find the loading times of his maps had halved. Halved! Here's how to install a hard drive on your PS3:

2. Old Laptops: We've also seen vast improvements when upgrading old 4200RPM hard drives such as the old IBM ThinkPad series laying around in our basement. If retro is your thing, here's some instructions on how to how to upgrade your laptop's hard drive. Check out the performance difference below on an older Acer:

3. Gaming/Production PCs: Of course, if you're a hardcore gamer then you know every last bit of juice counts. Tests have shown that SSD's perform even the faster Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM drives. Our suggestion? Toss all of your media on a NAS and run your OS on the SSD. You'll see plenty of speed increases, especially with the read speeds!

Got another gadget that you think will benefit from a SSD hard drive? Let us know - we'll test it out and bring back the results!

[Images: TechSultra]

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