3 Popular Resolutions & Apps that Help You Achieve Them

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s that time of year! People everywhere are setting unrealistic expectations for their health, wealth and happiness in 2011 as we speak. It’s all too common to see everyone around you vow to tackle the same few resolutions each year, just to fail by March. Don’t be like them. Instead, use technology to your advantage and support yourself with resolution-oriented apps. We’re listing the three most popular new year’s resolutions and apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry that will help you stick to them!

“I want to lose weight and get in shape.”
This is the most popular new year’s resolution for a reason: People seem to try and fail (or succeed and put weight back on) at it each year. Make sure you tackle your fitness and diet plan and keep the weight off with these apps.

“I want to get out of debt.”
If you’re deep in consumer debt with an ever-mounting pile of credit cards, you’re not alone. Plenty of people will make a resolution that 2011 is the year they’ll dig themselves out of their financial hole. Develop a plan and stick to it with these helpers:

“I want to quit smoking.”
If you’re a long-time smoker, chances are you’ve been thinking about making a clean break for quite a while. Quitting cigarettes is tough, but the benefits for your heath and mind will be well worth it. Here’s a little help to get on the path to a smoke-free-life.