3 Perfect Places To Put Grow Lights In Pint Size Spaces

3 Perfect Places To Put Grow Lights In Pint Size Spaces

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 24, 2010

032410-growlight.jpg Although the idea of using grow lights is appealing, it's easy to feel like we always have the space to put them to proper use in. It doesn't matter if your home is 400 or 4,000 square feet, we have 5 places perfect for grow lights that will keep a low profile and blend right in to the rest of your decor.

Although grow lights seem like something that should mandate a larger footprint in your home, they really don't have to. Knowing where to install one can be the key to being able to have a plethora of plants in small spaces, especially those without a strong sunny presence.

In our own home we struggle with getting enough sun light. We have northern facing windows and being sandwiched between two tall downtown buildings, means although the sun comes in, it's more of a suggestion instead of something to bask in. Sometimes your plants could use a little extra boost! Here's a few of our favorite ideas for keeping the lights out of sight:

1. Under Tables: It doesn't matter if you have a two tiered side table, a vintage serving cart or a coffee table, these are all great places to attach grow lights. Since side tables normally hold lamps anyway, they are usually located near an outlet. No one will ever know they're there, well except the family cats who will probably take the time to catch a few rays themselves.

2. In A Closet: Once you've gone to bed and turned out all the lights, you don't always want the faint glow of grow lights coming down the hallway. A small area of a closet, no matter how tiny is a great place to set up camp. Even if it means your plants will sit on the floor, they'll be super recharged come morning after their evening of plant pampering.

3. In A Regular Fixture: One of the easiest places to put a grow light isn't to give your plants a space of their own. Simply try switching out the bulb in a lamp or overhead light for a night and give them a little spa treatment without any additional wiring. Just move your plants so they're near by. If you have a fixture over your kitchen sink, it's an easy fix to water them and leave the light on overnight, it's a two for one deal!

Where would you put a grow light in your space? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Chris & Hannah's Spectacular Reclaimed Loft)

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