Find Your Muse: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Inspired Anywhere

Find Your Muse: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Inspired Anywhere

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 1, 2015

You don't need to call on the muses in order to get your home decor on track. Everything you do, everywhere you go is another opportunity to get inspired and to hone your style. When you come across something or some place you love, ask yourself these three things.

How does it make me feel?

If you walk into a store or a restaurant or someone else's home and experience an emotion or feeling, don't brush it off, notice it! Try to identify what happens to your body. Do you feel more awake? Do your shoulders relax a little? Take a minute to try and name the feeling you're having with words like: calm, happy, invigorated, relaxed or comforted.

What exactly is making me feel that way?

Now, it's time to figure out why you feel that positive emotion in this space. Try to remember what caught your eye first or what specifically made that emotion swell. It could be something like the colors or it could be how sparse or filled the space is with decor and furniture. Maybe it's one specific item that you're drawn too that's coloring how you feel in general.

How can I recreate this for myself?

Once you've identified the thing or things that you love, it's time to figure out how to get a version of that thing (and thus, that feeling) in your own space. Look carefully at the attributes of the furniture you've ID'ed. Is it clean-lined, chunky, ornate or modern? Is it made from wood or another material? What about the wall color do you like? How bright it is? How soft does it feel? Maybe you've noticed you really like furry throws and jute rugs. Those things have lots of texture so you can look for other items that give you a textured feeling. You don't need to copy what you love outright, instead use it as a spring board to guide you towards items that make you feel just as good.

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