3 Rainy Day Decor Improving Ideas

3 Rainy Day Decor Improving Ideas

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 21, 2010

Though we're finally starting to see the sun today in Austin, we've just come off of a long streak of rainy days. When it rains, we don't really like to go anywhere, and often notice our decor could use some refreshing.

Here are three free ways to improve the look of your place quickly:

1.) Switch the places of two pieces of furniture. Maybe switch that bookshelf you have in the living room with a buffet you have in the dining room. Or maybe put a chair in a weird place, like the kitchen or bathroom. Just infusing a little bit of surprise and variety in your rooms will spice up the space (and provide for a little exercise while you're stuck indoors all day).
2.) Make sure all your art is hanging at the right height (or finally hang all that art that's been lying around). We all have our interior design pet peeves, and for us, improperly hung art tops the list. Anyone who's taken the time to hang art at the right height and in interesting configurations knows what an impact this can make in decor.
3.) Step back, take a photo, and really look at your place. We've suggested this idea before, and really believe in it. When you take photos of your room, you can almost get an objective view of your home; see it in a way that guests see it. Check for oddly placed furniture, too much empty space on the walls, if window treatments need revamping or see all sorts of things that could be improved upon. You might not get to everything on this rainy day, but you'll have a great list to start.

What are your favorite home decor improving (or just home improving) things to do on a lazy rainy day?

(Top image: Flickr member [Horia Varlan])

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