3 Reasons You're Unhappy With Your Home (That Has Nothing to Do With Your Decor)

3 Reasons You're Unhappy With Your Home (That Has Nothing to Do With Your Decor)

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 25, 2015

How you feel about your home goes through plenty of ups and downs but not everything is about your decor. There are lots of elements that influence how you feel about the state of your home that have nothing to do with your style. Are you guilty of letting these roadblocks influence your home's happiness?

You're listening to outside influences

If you feel pressure to do certain things to have a certain kind of home but if you can't make yourself get excited about it, chances are you have a case of the "shoulds." No one knows what's right for your home better than you; not your mother-in-law, not your best friend and not even us! Taking advice that rings true is great but never let outside influences trump your own instincts.

You're scared to take a risk

Cookie cutter homes can look magazine chic but if you're just not satisfied, it might be time to mix it up. Risks are inherently scary but even a big failure can be its own reward as it can help you pinpoint your taste even further (so you get it really right next time). If you're antsy, up the ante and take a risk. already!

You're haunted by an ex's effects

If someone is no longer a part of your life, why keep their stuff around? A fresh start is always a good feeling so, especially if you're just getting over a heartbreak, make it easier on yourself and give your space a fresh start, too.

Do these resonate with you or are there other reasons you might be feeling uninspired at home?

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