3 Secrets of People Who Know How To Say “No”

published Aug 23, 2015
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For such a small word, it sure is hard for some people to say no, even when they really, really want to. So how do some people breezily refuse an invitation while others begrudgingly accept? How do they pull if off? Like this!

1. They don’t make excuses

Here’s the deal: even though it doesn’t feel like it, saying no is your right. If you choose that path, you don’t need to explain yourself. That’s not to say you need to be rude. There are plenty of ways to phrase your refusal to soften the blow, but after you’ve given your answer, any extra information only draws out the conversation and makes you more likely to cave. Change the subject and move on with your life.

2. They offer alternatives

A great way to mitigate the sting of a no is to offer something else instead that you are able to accommodate. If you decide you can’t host your friends who are visiting your city, you can probably happily find time to see them during their stay. Something like, “I”m sorry, we won’t be able to host you this time but we’d love to invite you over for dinner on Tuesday” works wonders.

(Image credit: Celeste Noche)

3. They don’t let themselves be bullied

When someone is giving you the hard sell, they will often resort to tricky language that makes it even harder to refuse. Recognize this type of language? “Most people buy the Gold level; which level would you like to buy?” Establishing a base level makes you feel pressure to buy the same. Don’t fall for it!

Ok folks, time to spill: how hard is it for you to say no and what do you do about it?