3 Simple Money Managing Apps

3 Simple Money Managing Apps

Julienne Lin
Oct 31, 2011

We don't know about you, but online banking has made our life a whole lot easier and convenient. You can manage your money on the go, check your savings on your phone, and pay all your bills with a few mouse click without ever setting foot inside your bank. However, the user experience for online banking definitely has room for improvement. Here are 3 simple apps that we think could ease your digital money managing experience.


Mint is one of the most popular online money management tools that just released an iPad app. It's simple enough that people of all ages have adopted it and won this year's Best Online Personal Finance Award. As a basic tool to track your funds and spending, Mint provides an excellent user experience with easy to understand graphs and reports.

Mint's been around for awhile but the iPad experience is new. It basically works the same as the site and the mobile app, but taking advantage of the iPad's touch screen to intuitively swipe through months to review each month's net income, and tap through charts and graphs.

We like Mint because its such an easy to use, yet powerful tool for keeping track of your income and spending. However, its use is limited since it doesn't have the option to reconcile accounts and it doesn't support multiple currencies. However, it's great for entry-level money management users and the iPad experience makes a more engaging experience. Mint makes money management actually fun, not an easy feat!

Before you balk at Invoice2Go's price tag ($10.40), let's go through the features. There's also an Invoice2Go Lite version you can try out before investing in the full app. Good for freelancers and small business owners, Invoice2Go lets you do just what the app is named: invoice your clients while you're on the go. Again, Invoice2Go is an app that makes it fun to send an invoice. It's super simple interface and 20 built-in invoice styles allow you to create professional invoices, estimates, credit memos, and purchase orders, all on your mobile device. It's also a desktop application that lets you customize the templates to make your own personal designs.

Other useful little features are the PayPal button you can add so customers can click and instantly pay you through it. It's also helpful that totals and taxes are calculated automatically for you.

BankSimple is not yet released to the public and we already have our invitation request pending, but we've been reading about it in many trusted sources and have reason to feel excited about its release. An app whose priority is the best user experience on mobile, BankSimple is meant to be the ultimate simple online banking tool. Built under the thought process that there is ultimately one reason why people want to view their current balance on the go is to make a purchase decision and see if they have enough funds to do it. BankSimple features a "Safe to Spend" box at the top of the screen to help you decide just what. By tapping it, you instantly see how BankSimple calculated your safe to spend amount. The app is also designed to update in real time, recording your purchases seconds after you swipe a card.

Another feature that has us especially curious is the automatic geolocating of transactions. Forgetting where a transaction was made from a vague description is something we often run into, even on our favorite tools like Mint. BankSimple calls up exactly where you were during a transaction, a real lifesaver that they bring into the user interface.

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