What Are You Waiting For? 3 Nearly-Instant Miracle Cures for Boring Rental Kitchens

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

In a rut with your kitchen decor? You might think as a renter there’s not much you can do to perk up the space – after all, most kitchen makeovers revolve around renovations – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t need to renovate, you need to renew. Make a quick and colorful addition and your boring kitchen will begin to sing.

Option 1: Make Your Stools an Eye-Catching Color

This is one spot to pass on basic neutrals. If you’ve got a breakfast bar or island in the kitchen, pull up a few truly colorful stools.

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Option 2: Add a Bright, Vibrant, Show-Stopping Rug

The punchier the better. Most kitchens are warm-toned (think cherry or oak cabinets), so something in a shade of red, orange or pink would pop.

(Image credit: Anna Routh)

Option 3: Add a Patterned Curtain to Your Window

This is not the time to be subtle. Hang some hardware (a tension rod works great if you can’t drill holes) and toss a kicky shade onto the kitchen window, if you have one.

Re-edited from a post originally 2.2.16-NT