3 Things You May Have Forgotten to Find Room for in Your Home

3 Things You May Have Forgotten to Find Room for in Your Home

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 13, 2015

You've found room for all your furniture. You've found a home for all your accessories. You've even found the room for all your kitchen supplies and your collection of old vinyl. But have you perhaps forgotten to find room for these three things that could add joy to your life?

A place to get creative

While many of us might dream of a whole studio for whatever our creative hobby is, you don't need that (unless your hobby is life-size ice sculpting). The truth is you can carve out a little bit of space for your creativity just about anywhere in your home. The point is to do a little bit of carving. Even if your creative hobby lives in one small drawer while you're not doing it, that's still giving it a space in your home, and therefore a space in your life.

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A place to go tech-free

As we become more and more connected as the years roll on, I can't think of a more important thing to do than to give yourself a tech-free zone at home to, well, zone out in. A place where the digital is tucked away and the analog leads to lazy afternoons, stress-free moments and a place where you can recharge. You don't need a whole room for it; you only need a little nook.

A place to get messy

Now this could apply to just about any room of your home, but the kitchen makes the most sense. And what it is, is the idea that it's totally okay to make a mess sometimes. When trying out a new recipe. When making all your meals to freeze for the week. When making a particularly decadent breakfast. And one of the best ways to let yourself get a little messy is knowing that everything you take out has a home it can go back to. It might sound a little weird, but having a truly organized kitchen isn't about never using it or always keeping everything in its place; it's just knowing that everything does have a place it can go to. This confidence in your decluttering future should help you make peace with a messy (and fun!) presence.

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