3 Tips for Efficiently Stocking the Fridge

3 Tips for Efficiently Stocking the Fridge

Taryn Williford
Sep 9, 2010

We're rebels. We like to sit too close to the TV—and we always go to the grocery store hungry. So after a long trip up and down aisles stocked with delicious grub, the last thing we want to do is spend 20 minutes reorganizing the fridge to it's maximum efficiency. But the truth is that practicing these 3 key moves next time you stock your fridge will save you money, save energy and make your delicious food last longer.

1. Make use of "filler" foods.
A empty fridge space can be a huge power (and wallet!) suck. So stock up on stay-cold nonperishable "filler" foods. Pack a frequently bare shelf with bottles of water, or cans of beer and soda. Or you could always keep a few unopened bottles of white wine for a last-minute party.

2. Stock like a grocery store with a FIFO method.
FIFO stands for "first in, first out." Grocery stores stock new perishables in the back so that us shoppers reach for the older stuff first and keep their stock fresh for much longer. You can follow the same method at home. Put the older carton of eggs in front. And stock a few older Apples in front of the Strawberries you just brought home to keep snackers going for the older stock first.

3. Look at pictures of your refrigerator.
This one comes from our clever reader, funstraw. Use Google to search for product pictures of your fridge. The manufacturers photos usually show the best place to put your veggies, meat and drinks (and everything else). As funstraw said, "the manufacturer spends lots of time and money developing an efficient way for the appliance to work."

(Images: Flickr member Sontra licensed under Creative Commons, Mirror.co.uk)

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