3 Ways to Become an Urban Homesteader

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I was so inspired at the Eat Real Festival last month in Oakland, especially by the fearless urban homesteaders that were out in droves! Dream of having your own backyard farm too? Here’s three ways to get started…

  1. Host your own Homesteading Party
    Nicole Kramer owner of farmCurious will lead this “modern day tupperware party” and not only educate your guests on how to get started but also provide you and your guests with the tools needed, to start preserving, culturing and brewing to your hearts content.
  2. Choose your Coop
    With 7 handcrafted styles to choose from, Holland Hen Houses has the perfect size home to house your handful of hens. Not only will you have fresh, organic eggs, but the chickens will keep bugs and weeds out of your garden and make composting a dream. I already have my chick picked….a Silver Spangled Appenzeller…love their mohawks!
  3. Call a Happy Girl
    At Happy Girl Kitchen, their mission is to “empower you through hands-on workshops and with deliveries of the local harvest in bulk quantities, enabling you to preserve that local harvest safely and affordably on your own.” Delivery to your doorstep which includes the makings for homemade pickles & preserves…what could be better then that?