3 Ways To Get This Piled Letter Look On The Cheap

3 Ways To Get This Piled Letter Look On The Cheap

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 6, 2010

Although we usually see letters of the alphabet that are straight up and down, we instantly fell in love with this big ol' jumble of letters. Technically it's a bookshelf, but we're thinking there might be an easier way to get the same look at home.

Unless you happen to have a woodworker in your family, making a set of these letter bookshelves isn't really in the cards. You could try to take this tutorial on making paper mache letters to the extreme (we have been pondering it all morning actually), but in all reality, the easiest way to get the look at home isn't in a 3 dimensional manner (unless you want to email the designer for a price quote).

The first thing that comes to mind is paint. You could easily paint letters this large on your wall and have them be a large focal point that doesn't come in the form of a vinyl graphic. They'd be fun for little hands to trace, even if there isn't space for book storage.

The next idea is in fact vinyl, you can order large rolls of it (instead of small super expensive ones from craft stores) online from places that sell to sign shops. Just trace out your letters and set to work with a straight edge, a steady hand and a craft knife.

Lastly, you could simply get the look by using painters tape. It's not the most permanent thing in the world, but that's rather the point. It will stay on until you take it off and comes in all sorts of colors. Use a ruler to make clean cuts and you'll be done in no time! You can of course just buy letter from the craft store and glue them to the wall, but at $5-$10 a piece, the bill will get a little high if you want to use all the letters.

Do you like the jumbled alphabet look or would you prefer to keep things straight and upright (and slightly easier to read for new letter learners)? Let us know below!

(Image: Peter de Leeuw)

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