3 Yurt Kit Comparisons

3 Yurt Kit Comparisons

Kathryn Wright
Jul 11, 2011

If you are dreaming of simpler or off-the-grid living, a Yurt is a fantastic option. There are several companies making inexpensive Yurt kits that provide a very affordable all-season home, studio, or country home. If you can find a cheap piece of land a yurt is an excellent choice for your own off-the-grid dwelling, the kits can even provide a home as large as 5000 sq. ft. or more.

Traditional Yurts were the circular canvas homes of nomadic Mongolian people for thousands of years. The idea behind the Mongolian Yurt was that it stayed safe and dry in all types of extreme weather, but was also easy to pack-up and set up in a hurry. These characteristics made it a perfect home for wandering tribes of people.

Today's Yurts are meant to be a little more permanent, but they are still easy to set up and will keep inhabitants safe and cozy in extreme weather. Yurts are also an unobtrusive constructed dwelling in that they do not cause permanent damage to the landscape. They also don't have to be off-the-grid and can include most of the modern conveniences. Modern yurts are a far cry from the rustic tents they originate from: they can be beautifully furnished with high-end interiors and appliances.

Three examples of companies offering Yurt Kits are outlined below.

1. Yurtco (shown above the jump): Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Yurtco has a comprehensive selection of Yurt options that are very affordable. They also have dealers across Canada. Features include small packaging for easier shipping, stainless steel hardware, and BC Canadian Grown Douglas Fir wood. 24' (450 sq. ft.) Yurt Kit base price: $11,490 CAD

2. Rainier Yurts: Based in Tukwila Washington, Rainier Shelter Solutions has been in the business of display, fabric and shelter products for over 110 years. Features include a great selection of Yurt lines to suit different needs in a variety of colours and patterns. Also, a very fun Yurt color tool on the site to help imaging your own Yurt. 24' Eagle Yurt Kit base price: $12,274 USD. 24' Raven Yurt Kit base price: $7,980 USD.

3. Yurt People: Based in Talmage, California Yurt People is the family business David Raitt, a for sawmill owner. The company builds extreme Yurts for corporate and private clients. Features include the ability to build very large Yurts, and alternative materials such as straw bale insulation. 23' California Yurt Kit base price: $35,995 USD

For a great resource of other Yurt information, kits, and builders visit: yurtinfo.org.

(Top image: Yurtco. Originally published 2010-07-15)

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