30 Dumb Inventions

30 Dumb Inventions

Carrie McBride
Oct 12, 2009

Looking through an historical gallery of "dumb inventions" at LIFE, we had to wonder what products or ideas of today would make such a list in another half century or so. And, to be honest, if it were safe, we kind of dig the idea of letting babies hang out in window boxes (remember Boggins who had a similar idea?).

Three of the thirty inventions in the LIFE gallery are baby-child related:

  • Baby Cage, 1937. These were used in London so babies in tenements could get some fresh air ("fresh" was a relative term in busy London in the 30s).
  • Baby Holder, 1937. This interesting doodad was invented by a champion hockey player so he and his wife could carry their infant onto the ice together. We can't imagine why this didn't catch on.
  • Beating Breasts, 1963. Mechanical, beating breasts intended to be put in the crib and aid in babies' sleep. Hey, sleep-deprived parents of every generation are willing to give even kooky ideas a shot.

We definitely recommend a visit to LIFE's site to see the other 27 inventions - there are some real doozies!

(Image credits: 1. Reg Speller/Getty Images 2. L. C. Buckley/Getty Images 3. Keystone/Getty Images)

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