30 Things You Can Get Squeaky Clean with a Toothbrush

published Mar 31, 2016
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You don’t need fancy, expensive tools to keep your home clean. In fact, it turns out you can get a whole lot done with just a toothbrush (preferably not yours… or that of anyone you love). So go ahead, grab a clean brush with straight and firm bristles, then get to work on one of these areas of the home…

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  • In the corners of faucets and sink fixtures
  • The shower head
  • Sliding shower door tracks or medicine cabinet door tracks
  • The sink drain
  • Scrub bathroom tile grout
  • The bristles of your hairbrush
  • The vent of the hairdryer
  • Beard trimmer
(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)


  • In all the holes of a sink strainer or colander
  • Anything made of mesh
  • Narrow/oddly-shaped glasses, or bottles with small openings
  • Cheese grater
  • Blades and plates of blenders, juicers and mixers
  • Inside areas of small appliances, like the Keurig machine
  • Around oven knobs
  • Inside the toaster
  • Intricate and delicate silverware or dishes
  • Between the tines of a fork, wires of a whisk or the slots of a spatula
  • In, under and around cabinet hardware
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Office & Gadgets

  • Earbuds and headphones
  • Between keys on a computer or laptop keyboard
  • Silicone phone cases (or anything with a rubbery, tacky finish)
  • Video game controllers and remote controls
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Clothes and Closets

  • The treads on the soles of your sneakers
  • Rings and other jewelry
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Multiple Rooms

  • Between the fins of a vent or a slotted door
  • Window tracks and sliding door tracks
  • Tight carvings and details in doors, cabinets and molding
  • Rubber seals on the fridge, washing machine or around windows and doors
  • Along picture frames

What are your best uses for a toothbrush?