#31 - Maiysha's Urban Oasis

#31 - Maiysha's Urban Oasis

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 18, 2006

Name: Maiysha
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Type: 1 BR Rental

Why I use color:

Color is the simplest, most creative, and most significant way of setting the mood you want in your home. Each apartment I've lived in has been a different color, indicative of a different stage in my life, and the energy I want to invite in.

I wanted this apartment to feel both playful and soothing, and for everyone who enters to feel the same. Color energizes me, inspires me, and helps me create a space that's says "me".

2 Good color tips:

1. I think this is a no-brainer, but you should never paint your walls a color you don't look good in, for obvious reasons. If you wouldn't wear it, don't put it on your walls.

2. Also, I like to play with strong colors, so I always buy my large furniture (sofas, etc.) in white or neutral tones, so the wall and accent colors I choose "pop", and I can feel free to change them at will.

2 good color resources:

1. I make my own pillows and window treatments, so
most of my inspiration/ideas for color combinations come from the
fabrics (silks, vintage kimonos, saris, etc.) I use and collect.

2. When in doubt, I wander around a good paint store (Pintchik,
Janovic), collect all the paint chips that appeal to me, take them
home, cut them up, and mix and match -- "playing" always yields new

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