#35 - Garrett's Energizing Kitchen

#35 - Garrett's Energizing Kitchen

Oct 23, 2006

Name: Garrett
Location: San Francisco
Type: 2-bedroom Condo (purchased 1 month ago and currently renovating).

Why I use color:

I use color to affect the energy of a space. For my kitchen, I am always tired at the end of the day and wanted a way to energize my time in the space. The bright green is strong enough to help me put away the frozen food and actually cook a meal.

2 good color tips:

1. Use color in places aside from the walls. Sometimes it's more visually appealing to invert the standard color treatment (strong color on the trim, soft colors on the wall)

2. When using strong colors, choose natural colors to help ground them. (Use bright green with wood tones, or bright pink with browns.)

2 good color resources:

1. Travel Photos: When I travel I often take pictures of mundane items (walls, streets, etc.) for the texture and colors present. This is also a perfect use for a camera phone. Take pictures of anything that catches your eye for future reference.

2. Magnified Images: If you zoom in on a image, you will see that what appears solid at a distance is actually made up of lots of distinct shades and hues. I'll often use a zoomed-in picture to find colors that organically feel related.

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