#34 Amy's Happy Texas Clapboard Shack

#34 Amy's Happy Texas Clapboard Shack

Oct 24, 2006

Name: Amy
Location: Austin, TX
Type: A 2-bdrm/ 1 bath apartment/ rental older than my mother

Why I use color: Because I don't dream in black and white...and I'm a dreamer. I crave spaces that I can interact with- spaces that both distract me, make me think more about them, and above all make me happy. Unfortunatly...I can't afford an architect to build these spaces for me...like many I rent a place that's space is pre-determined by old building codes and a wayward landlord...so I rely on color to make the spaces that, when I wake up, I can still dream in. I'd never truly be happy with perfection...but color...color is endless possibility...and nothing is more exciting than that.

2 Good color tips:

1. Consider the other colors in the room...re-develope don't remodel. Trust your eye and be patient with your choice. If you want red wall in your living room, than rob the paint chip department of every red it has...even if you don't think you like it...you might be surprised how much the room does.

2. No two colors clash...that is a myth made popular by color wheel extemists. Explore the gray areas of color...they are the most thought provoking of all...we've come a long way with color...have fun.

2 Good color resources:

1. The paint chip department at Home Depot, Lowes, or your local hardware store. Snag all that fancy...take them home and play...

2. Art books. Your favorite artists can teach you a lot about your favorite colors...and how to work them. Many artists use several colors in a painting...but they are strategically placed. Study them.

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