This 350 Square Foot NYC Apartment for Sale Can Host Dinner for 10

published Sep 3, 2018
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When it comes to maximizing small spaces, both designers and apartment dwellers alike have become increasingly creative out of necessity. Graham Hill—founder of Treehugger and LifeEdited—has applied this specific expertise to a 355-square-feet New York City apartment, which is now up for sale for $750,000.

Dubbed LifeEdited 2 (or LE2) as it is a followup to Hill’s first apartment, the home features a custom wall and transformable, space-saving furniture that gives it the illusion of being larger than it is. “LE1 was amazing, but it was very bespoke, somewhat expensive, and a little too precious,” Graham told Dwell. “With LE2, we wanted to retain the original space’s functionality, but design it in a way that would look less like a white box and have more texture and patina. We also wanted to make it more affordable, so it could work with our development projects.”

(Image credit: LifeEdited)

The home consists of two rooms that serve multiple purposes, backing Hill’s assertion that the tiny apartment “functions like one twice its size.” The first room features a set of modular blocks that can either be seating or benches used in conjunction with a table. Despite the compact nature of LE2, scaling back on the size of your dinner parties isn’t necessary. An accompanying side table takes the stress out of hosting sizable gatherings in a small space as it can accommodate up to 10 dinner guests. LE2 also has a soundproof office that doubles as a guest bedroom. Simply fold the desk back into its wall compartment, and guests can conveniently settle in a comfy overnight stay.

The space also features several sustainable elements that are present in the kitchen’s recycled grey stone splashback, Plumen LED lightbulbs, motorized blinds and energy-efficient fans.

For more info on purchasing or renting LE2, check out the home’s official listing.