#36 Gina and Bradley’s Bold, Exotic Travels

#36 Gina and Bradley’s Bold, Exotic Travels

Oct 24, 2006

Name: Gina and Bradley
Location: Los Angeles , CA
Type: 1-bedroom Los Angeles apartment, rented

Why I use color: We've got bold personalities and we LOVE to travel, so bold color suits us & we loved taking the ethnic theme (a spicy mix of Morrocan, Indian and Chinese) and running with it. Well, that and the fact that our schmucky landlord left us with 3 different kinds of white paint on our walls after some repair work was done, so we figured if he was leaving us to repaint the place, we were going to go all out. It's been great to be able to make the place our own by infusing an otherwise neutral space with color to spare.

2 Good color tips:

1. If you plan on painting your formerly white living room a color called "Atomic Orange", I recommend that a) you really, really take into account the fact that the paint company named the color "ATOMIC ORANGE" (as in - um, yeah - it'll probably be kinda bright) and b. you should work really, really, really hard at prepping your boyfriend-who-has-never-painted-a-room-anything-other-than-white for the fact that his new living room is indeed going to be very, very orange and that it's gonna be oooo-kaaaay. Shhhh. Everything's gonna be okay…

2. CHECK YOUR FEAR AT THE DOOR and get on board!!! Don't be afraid of color – For far less than the cost of a transatlantic flight, color can transport you to faraway places with the stroke of a brush. When we're in our living room, we feel like we're in the Far East - we actually call the room "Mandarin on Curson" – and our bedroom is as soothing and breezy as a Balinese resort bungalow.

2 Good color resources:

1. We went to the Taschen bookstore clearance sale and bought books with titles like "Living in Morroco" and "Indian Interiors" for inspiration. Travel books are great if you're going for any kind of ethnic feel.

2. I'm always trolling design blogs looking for new ideas and inspiration - the internet is such a great tool that really opens the world up to you.

And when all else fails, just consult the Crayola 64 (with sharpener, of course.)

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