#38 - D's Comfort Inn

#38 - D's Comfort Inn

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 25, 2007

Name: D.
Location: Brooklyn NY
Type: 1 bedroom apartment, Owned

Why I use color:

I use color in order to make my space more comfortable. Just like I select fabrics and pieces of furniture according to comfort level, I choose the corresponding colors to achieve both physical and aesthetic comfort...

Even the most luxurious armchair might end up causing discomfort if the color of it makes you wince every time you enter the room.

For my bedroom I wanted to evoke a feeling of opulence without being overwhelming. The room is large and receives a lot of sunlight, so I painted the walls a rich brown color (Benjamin Moore – Lake Shore Trail) in order to create a sense of warmth. In selecting furniture, I selected larger pieces with more intricate detailing but painted them bright white in order to create a contrast with the brown walls and to reduce their individual visual weight.

I chose other accessories with no color at all in an effort to keep the space from feeling too cluttered. When it comes to fabric I like to pair different colors and textures. A difference in material can completely transform the nature of a color; observe the difference between the subtle sheen of a silk and the smooth matte of velvet.

2 Good color tips:

1. The largest objects in a room will set the tone choose those colors carefully, but the overall look can be varied by accessorizing smaller, more easily changed objects in bright contrasting colors. Flowers, books, picture frames all offer the opportunity to vary the look and feel of a space with minimal effort.

2. Use color in conjunction with texture in order to maximize an intended effect, a muted color in a velvet or a shiny brocade finish might have as much impact as a bright color in a low sheen cotton.

Favorite type and brand of paint:

Benjamin Moore. I find it to have better coverage and less fumes. I tried the Home Depot and Lowes brand paints but found that it took weeks for the smell to completely off gas, as against 24 hours with Benjamin Moore. I am curious to see what other people have experienced.

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