#37 - Blake's Evolving Colors

#37 - Blake's Evolving Colors

Oct 24, 2006

Name: Blake
Location: Seattle
Type: 2-bedroom condo in a Tudor-styled building constructed in the 1930s

Why I use color:

Color gives life and modern vitality, especially when the sky turns gray, which is important since the unit faces north in a 1930s brick building. By using saturated colors that also compliment one another, each room gains its own distinct character, with those personalities changing as the day evolves. The green in the living room takes on a warm yellowish feel in the morning when natural light is at its strongest, but changes to take on an almost sensual yet warm feel when the walls are lit with the halogen and regular lights on dimmers at night or cloudy days. . .

. . .The three shades of blue paint used in the bedroom give the room contrast with the blond wood furniture to simultaneously create a "wow" effect yet calming feel once ready for sleep. All walls within individual rooms employ the same color.

2 good color tips:

1. Be brave with saturated colors. I saw the green used in a very modern loft setting, but suspected it would work in my very different setting. It did, bringing out warmth that was missing when walls were basic white.

2. Be OK with white. While strong colors were used in various rooms, the hallway and entryway remain white to provide a neutral space between the heavily saturated colors.

2 good color resources:

1. Anything printed. Catalogues, magazine layouts, junk mail all provided inspiration for colors and color combinations. I then use those torn-out images as I select paint chips at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Starting with the inspiration of the printed examples helps keep focus when at the paint store. And I paint a small part of the room before committing to a color.

2. Be super-attentive to the world around you to see how colors interact with one another and how colors change in different lighting environments and against different textures.

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