40 New Uses for Rubber Bands

updated Mar 11, 2020
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Each day my postal worker delivers my mail through the slot securely wrapped in a single rubber band. Multiply that single band by sheer number of days and— needless to say—those rubber bits pile up. I’ve tried to refuse them to no avail, and I won’t throw them out. So they keep coming and I’m left to find alternate uses for the things. Here comes a huge list…

  1. Loop rubber bands over the ends of closet hangers to prevent clothing from slipping off and onto the floor.
  2. Wrap a rubber band around the upper part of a wooden spoon’s handle to keep it from sliding down into your mixing bowl.
  3. Slide one over your wrist if you need a visual reminder of some task or appointment.
  4. Or to discourage negative thoughts or behaviors?
  5. Keep one around your remote control so the batteries don’t come flying out if you drop it.
  6. Wrap a thick rubber band part-way up a broom’s bristles to reshape and revive its shape.
  7. Use one to grip jar lids that won’t open.
  8. Mark guests’ bottles and cups with different colored bands during a party.
  9. Stretch one vertically over a paint can, and use the taut band to wipe excess paint off your brush.
  10. Secure flower arrangements in place with clear bands before you place them in the vase.
  11. Tie dye old t-shirts!
  12. After slicing an apple, place a rubber band around the entire piece of fruit to keep it from browning.
  13. Need some quick child proofing? Keep fridge or cabinet doors closed by looping a band over knobs or handles.
  14. Remove a stripped screw.
  15. Prevent a door from slamming or clicking shut by looping a band around the knobs on either side of the door, and covering the latch in the process.
  16. Slide one around the pages of a book you’re reading to hold your place.
  17. Keep ribbons securely on their spool with a single band.
  18. Wrap one around electrical cords to keep them organized and neat.
  19. Slip one around your cutting board to keep it from sliding around on the counter as you chop.
  20. Keep a stash in your pantry or cabinets to close up open bags of food.
  21. Wind a rubber band around the neck of liquid soap dispensers to decrease the amount that comes out with each pump.
  22. Stuck in a meeting? Create a rubber ball to relieve stress.
  23. Lost your wallet? Use one as an impromptu money clip.
  24. Cover your shower faucet with bag of vinegar and secure with a rubber band. Leave it there overnight and you’ll have a clean shower head without all the scrubbing.
  25. Shorten your shirt sleeves while wearing a suit.
  26. Loop around any camera hook or tool for a quick wrist strap.
  27. Create an easy, visual way to identify your power cords.
  28. Tighten furniture casters by wrapping a skinny band around the stem before reinserting.
  29. Wrap single band around a candle to stop wax from dripping onto the surface below.
  30. Add a rubber band to shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles in the shower. No more slipping out of your hands!
  31. Keep wooden bed slat from shifting and creaking by wrapping the ends.
  32. Bunch one up and use it as a quick eraser when you can’t find a real one.
  33. Shape a new baseball hat brim or glove by curling them up and securing in place.
  34. Snap a couple rubber bands around the sun visor of your car and use to hold parking and toll tickets.
  35. Make a mini catapult!
  36. Use around opaque canisters and containers to mark the level of flours and grains inside. You’ll be able to tell at a glance how much is left inside, without lifting the lid.
  37. Wrap overlapping bands over a wooden block and use as a decorative ink stamp to create patterned paper.
  38. When you remove nails, put two rubber bands on the head of the hammer criss-cross style, and it will keep the wall from getting damaged.
  39. Use a series of them as space dividers for recipe cards or photos that are stored in boxes or drawers.
  40. Wrap them around jars lids to help you open them easier.

What’s missing from this list?