3D Glasses: From 3D to 2D to OgreVision

3D Glasses: From 3D to 2D to OgreVision

Jesse Leikin
Jun 21, 2011

Every year there's talk about "this is the year 3D technology will take over". From 3D HDTVs, to movies presented in 3D, to even 3D YouTube videos, the technology is all around us. Aside from the few passive 3D TVs available, nearly all the other 3D technologies require some sort of 3D glasses. So instead of wearing those boring, cheap, and uncomfortable glasses that the theater and manufactures offer, check out these comfortable and stylish 3D specs.

3D Gascan: Leading glasses manufacturer, Oakley, is known for their modern designs and superior lens technology. So it's no wonder that given the chance to release 3D glasses they would take their specs one step further than the competition. Oakley has taken one of their most popular frames, the Gascan, and inserted 3D lenses. However, Oakley's 3D lenses are superior to cheap generics, with lenses designed to increase clarity and color for the viewer. If you own a 3D set, the technology behind these lenses is possibly worth the $120, especially if you're fond of Oakley's sporty style.

Shrek Glasses: The reason we love these 3D glasses should be pretty obvious. The standard 3D glasses available at the movie theaters are so boring. With these 3D specs, the next time you head to the movie theater you can bring your own movie themed 3D specs. You can rest assured that we'll be ordering the Cars 2 edition of the glasses in time for Pixar's new flick this summer.

2D Glasses: Surprised to see a name like "2D Glasses" on our list? We figured that you would be. The reason we love these so much is that they are actually able to convert 3D content into traditional 2D. This is great for the spouse or friend that can't stand 3D movies because they get headaches from viewing. With these specs you can enjoy your 3D animation while they watch the film in 2D, thanks to lens which filters out the additional channel required for a 3D picture.

(Image from Flickr user nasa hq photo)

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