3M Fur Fighter: Couch Tested & Blogger Approved

3M Fur Fighter: Couch Tested & Blogger Approved

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 9, 2008

The 3M Fur Fighter isn't a newcomer to the readers of Apartment Therapy. We have chatted about it many times, although it isn't until recently it has really been hitting the stores. So we thought we would put it to the test. And what better way to check out this product, it's "green-ness", and effectiveness at combating pet hair once and for all, than to try it out on the fur our Boston Terrier leaves behind. Click through the jump to see our extensive results!

Our Boston Terrier, Wilbur isn't really a dog. We think he's really part cat and part pig. He thinks he's part human and part Wild Boar, but that's neither here nor there.
Boston Terriers make great pets, although his fur tends to be a bit on the bristly-pig side of things. The vacuum takes care of our other dog's (terrier/lab mix) longer fur just fine, but Wilbur's seems to have a bit more sticking power.

So we thought we would give the 3m Fur Fighter a try. (Sidenote: There is a $2 off coupon on their site currently!)

It comes in this initial package with 5 refills tucked away in the bottom of the packaging.

You can also buy extra refills when the time comes. Although we don't think that will be for awhile yet... keep reading!

We busted out the vacuum and then introduced Wilbur to his new best friend (now if we could only teach HIM to use it!).

You can see his little bits of bristly-pig hair still left over after we were done.

This is what the tool looks like. It's easy to handle and easy to use. Just wipe, swipe or pull and the hair is pulled from the depths of your couch and "magically" sticks to the thin rubber pad attached.

You can see that it pulled up not only Wilbur's hair, but some of our other dogs as well. We were instantly sold as our couch wasn't exactly "pet-hair-arific" when we started!

The pad is easily removed if you wish to dispose of it. The largest complaint that we (and all of you AT readers) had was it isn't exactly green. It's just another product to shove under the sink and have to buy refill after refill for.
So we removed the pad, took it to the sink and began running warm water over it with the addition of just a little hand soap. The fur was able to be pulled off (and thrown in the trash) and the pad was dried off. We stuck it back on the handle and it's ready to go again for round two! We're not sure how many washings it will take, but we're pretty sure that anything more than one is awesome in our book!

Have any other pet owners given it a try? What's your experience been? Let us know below!

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