4 Bad Home Habits (& How to Break Them)

4 Bad Home Habits (& How to Break Them)

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 9, 2015

Jumping on the bed is A-okay in our book, but there are a few other bad home habits that we'd rather ditch. But breaking a habit is easier said than done. The trick is knowing the steps to stop and setting up the conditions for success. Here's how.

You hit snooze over and over and over

What to do — Besides the obvious (get to bed earlier!) there are plenty of things that can help you rise — if not necessarily shine — on time. First things first, no matter how much sleep you got, waking up during the right part of your REM cycle will help you feel refreshed instead of groggy. Lots of apps will help, I like sleepyti.me for its simplicity.

Then you need some motivation. That probably means the smell of coffee drawing you up and into the kitchen so make sure to set the pot on a timer to wake you. Finally, throw open those curtains and get some natural light to your brain. It's another great way to get up and get perky.

You toss your clothes on the bed, the chair or the floor instead of hanging them up.

What to do — Start by identifying the reason you don't hang stuff up. Maybe it's laziness (it's cool, we've all been there) or maybe you're struggling for space in your drawers or with a lack of hangers in your closet to accommodate all you have. Easy! Make a vow to either arrange for more storage or whittle your wardrobe until it fits easily in the space you have. If your clothes can only squeeze into your drawers when half of them are in the laundry basket, well, that doesn't count. Each item needs a home so when you take it off at the end of the day, it's easy to return it to its proper place.

If you're simply too tired to bother when you're changing after work, I have one simple word for you: hooks. Hooks are a lazy person's dream. Popping a garment on an accessible hook is just as easy as tossing it on a chair, yet it stays wrinkle-free and off the floor. They're great for kids, too.

You order out too often

What to do — Ordering out because you want a treat is fun. Ordering out of necessity (ie. lack of food) is just bad planning. You know you'll need to eat, so there's no reason not to spend a little time every week stocking the kitchen with both meal-prep and other emergency basics that will do in a pinch. Even if you splurge on the best groceries, it's still miles cheaper and healthier to eat from your own kitchen and having food on hand when you're starving means you'll probably get to eat sooner, too.

You let dirt build up

What to do — Sticking to a regular schedule is the obvious answer here, but if that's just not your style you can still get proactive about cleaning as you go. The answer: Keep your cleaning tools where you need them. Hunting down a sponge and spray takes minutes but wiping a bathroom counter if your materials are already right there? Five seconds max. When you constantly need a product or item in a certain place, store it there. You'll be much more likely to dispatch spills and small messes right away instead of letting grime accumulate.

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